Mutual Funds are a Relatively Safe Invest

When you invest, researching and analyzing an investment option beforehand is the right way to go about it. This holds true when it comes to buying Gold as well, owing to the fact that Gold is a tangible asset that doesn’t really earn any interest. There is of course the chance that the price of Gold will increase in the near or far future, but the benefits of investing in Gold go further beyond that. There are a lot of ways to invest in Gold, like buying Gold coins or bars, or you could simply buy Gold jewellery, which will not just be an investment, but can also be used. There’s a plethora of reasons why you should consider Gold as an investment, and here are four of them that top the list:

Gold is money

Not in the literal sense of course; we don’t use Gold as money any more. But the role Gold plays, makes it superior to any other currency. It serves as a long term store of value, which is not affected by upheavals such as demonetization. Ready to be sold whenever you need ready cash, even the passing years have failed to diminish the value of Gold. The price might of course fluctuate, but its value is timeless.

There is very little maintenance involved

When you invest in Gold, you don’t need to look after it per se. There is very little maintenance involved and the storage is also relatively easy. No matter how long you want to store the Gold for, it won’t deteriorate and it won’t require daily care. You can simply store it safely and forget about it till the time you need it.

Gold is a portable and liquid commodity

No matter where you are, you can carry your Gold with you; plus, wherever you go, some or the other dealer will be ready to buy your Gold. You can sell your Gold for cash or you can trade it for goods almost instantly, unlike stocks that can take up to 3 business days for settlement. So, in an emergency, it is a good idea to have Gold.

It requires no special expertise to invest in Gold

Spotting real diamonds from fakes, spotting antiques, etc. take a lot of expertise. Then there are the stocks and mutual funds that you need to have knowledge about to make a good investment. But with Gold, you really don’t have to worry about special knowledge or equipment. Real Gold comes with ISI marks and guarantees, so you can be sure that your investment is safe. Moreover, you’re not buying Gold speculating about future gains, but to safeguard yourself from emergencies.

India has always been well-known for the importance that is placed on Gold; and considering the majority of benefits that come along with it, it is clearly a very good investment option.


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