Major Advantages of Investing in Mutual Funds

How to buy Kotak Mutual Funds

The various mutual funds products offered by Kotak Mahindra AMC can be purchased online on Paisa Bazaar in an extremely simple and hassle free way. The Paisabazaar online web portal is a handy tool for those who are looking to investing in new funds or plan their financial goals through various tools and calculators.

  1. Simply, register at Paisabazaar Mutual Fund
  2. Search for the funds you want to invest in
  3. Set up your SIP

Equity Fund

Kotak Mutual funds have a diversified bouquet of equity related mutual fund products. These funds are generally open-ended schemes with the investment objective to create long and short term capital appreciation from a portfolio of primarily equity and its related securities. The portfolio in which Kotak equity funds focuses is around reputed top 50 to 59 companies.

Apart from investing in domestic market, Kotak equity mutual funds also embark their research and investment in various overseas mutual fund schemes with a diversified portfolio of various equity related securities. All such investments in global market are prescribed by SEBI from time to time in global emerging markets.

Equity mutual funds are mostly of high risk category wherein there is no guaranteed assurance for the achievement of investment objective. Under its equity scheme Kotak also brings other schemes which have a specific exposure towards a corpus in debt and money market securities

Kotak Debt Fund Schemes

Kotak Mahindra debt funds are generally open ended income fund with investment objective to enhance returns over a portfolio of debt and its related instruments. The exposure is mostly concentrated either at debt market or debt blended with a moderate coverage in equity and equity related instruments.

The key highlight of Kotak debt mutual fund products is their knack to generate reasonable returns with moderate risk and high level of liquidity. Kotak Mahindra debt schemes also focuses on investments in sovereign securities issued by the Central and/or State Government(s) and / or reverse repos in various securities. Kotak Mahindra through its intensive research based investment methodology has been offering maximum returns through active management of various portfolios of debt and money market securities.

Kotak Tax saving schemes

Kotak Tax Saving mutual scheme is an open-ended equity associated saving scheme. This scheme not only offers the investors to avail the income tax rebate, but also have a long-term capital appreciation from a wide range of portfolio of equity and related securities.

Kotak Balanced Funds

Kotak Balance fund is an open ended balanced fund scheme with the investment objective to attain long term growth through investments made in equity related instruments blended appropriately with debt and money market instruments. The Kotak balanced funds are most suited for such investors who have a moderate risk appetite with a long term objective of income creation.

Kotak Fund of Funds

Kotak FOF schemes are open ended scheme with the investment objective to generate long-term capital appreciation from the portfolio created by investing in particular open-ended equity & debt schemes of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund. The fund is of moderate risk category and doesn’t offer any assurance of the accomplishment of Scheme objective.


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