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ICICI Mutual Fund – Providing Variegated Investment Solutions

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is one of the fastest growing and top performing mutual funds houses in India. ICICI MF is the largest Asset Management Company(AMC) in the country as per its Asset Under Management (AUM) as on March 31, 2016. ICICI Mutual Fund online is aimed at providing various mutual fund schemes which help investors to gain substantial returns and financial growth over time. ICICI pru amc handles the mutual fund schemes and tends to provide portfolio management services to the investors with its variety of products managed by the expert fund managers. It helps investor to provide all the updates about top ICICI Mutual Funds NAV, returns, portfolio, records at one place.

ICICI MF – Basic Details

Online ICICI Prudential AMC investment plan has garnered the trust of the investors in the past 18 years and has attained the position of leading and preferred fund house for mutual fund investments. ICICI mutual fund SIP or lump sum investments are the best solutions which one can opt as per the convenience for gaining substantial growth of capital over time. This is one of the best performing amc , which offer various investment options to investor with analysis risk factors. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund NAV has always aimed at fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities of managing the capital of investors with due diligence.

The fund house has gained a remarkable position in the market by managing funds in accordance with ICICI Mutual Fund online objectives and has delivered superior risk-adjusted returns as of now. The consistency in ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund long-term growth and performance is due to the strong fundamentals, and the process-driven investment approach. The fund managers of icici pru mf are given the flexibility to manage the funds as per their unique style and insight.

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund : Login to MySIPonline & Gain Its Benefits

ICICI Mutual Fund has a wide range of retail as well corporate investment solutions and products for the investors which are classified across different assets like Equity, Fixed, Income, and Gold. ICICI Pru AMC has consistently trying to provide the best investment schemes in India to the investors with complete updates of ICICI prudential mutual fund NAV, returns and performance so as to let them achieve their financial goals with ease. With a research and analysis team, they aim to innovate different products as per the requirements and have been among the leaders in the industry for a long time in meeting investors’ goal.

ICICI Prudential AMC – Different Investment Products

The schemes for mutual fund investing in India offered by ICICI AMC value a lot in the industry. ICICI pru Mutual Fund have been bifurcated into five broad categories as provided here under:

  • Equity Funds: The ICICI Pru MF schemes falling in the equity funds category provide the benefit of capital appreciation by investing in the stock market. Online ICICI Mutual Fund NAV aims to accomplish the long-term investing goals of the investors with medium- to high-risk appetite. It offers ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund Growth and many more.
  • Balanced Funds: These investment solutions offered by ICICI AMC invest customer’s money in both the equity and debt markets on a simultaneous basis. The exposure of these ICICI MF depends on which type of hybrid fund it is. If icici prudential amc is a debt-oriented balanced fund, then a majority of the money is put in the debt markets, and the remaining balance is parked in the equity markets. The opposite is true for equity-oriented balanced funds.
  • Debt Funds: These icici amc securities invest in long- or short-term bonds, money market instruments, security products, etc. They aim at building wealth with the currently available funds while preserving the initial invested capital. These ICICI prudential mf schemes are ideal for the investors who are looking to take low- to medium risks and create an income option.
  • Fund of Funds: FOFs are such plans by ICICI pru amc which invest the money in other mutual funds. These fund are meant to cater to different risk appetites including low, medium and high. With online investment in ICICI Mutual Fund nav, the funds are diversified accurately across various sectors, companies and assets, to mitigate the risk factors and enhance earnings.
  • Exchange Traded Funds: These ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund NAV are meant to be traded on the stock market and invest in the stocks of the companies, different currencies, and precious metal in order to gain profits as per market performances.


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