Apart from the broad based advantages viz Rupee Cost Averaging / Disciplined style of investment / tax advantages etc, we feel we have to emphasize a little bit micro level approach as the Percentage of Returns / Asset Allocation of Funds / Weightage of Small Caps in folios etc.

SIP – An admirable investment avenue from Mutual Funds

  • An efficient tool for Wealth Creation
  • See the Power of Accumulation with small amounts to achieve your Goals
  •  Join in aggressive High Risk Equity funds to maximize your returns
  • Gain the value of Rupee Cost Averaging through investing in a disciplined manner.

An Amount of Rs.10000/- every month for a period of 18 years with achievable returns of 15% can easily make you a Crorepathy. The Maturity value of SIP’s for different periods are furnished below. Start early before the market attains new heights.