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Salient Features of Tata Mutual fund

Tata Mutual Fund is considered to be one of the most trusted and valued asset management companies (AMCs) in India with an average AUM of Rs 31,862 crores. Tata Mutual Fund Asset Management Company is part of the Tata Group which is one of India’s largest and most renowned industrial groups.

Tata Mutual Fund AMC ensures to bring the highest quality of service with complete focus on the product offering in line with the need and risk appetite of each customer. Transparency in each step of processing has been a key aspect of operation in Tata Mutual Fund which has earned them the trust of millions of investors.

Salient features of Tata Mutual fund

Sustainable Growth
Tata mutual funds are designed to deliver consistent results through their value-based investing and research methodology. This ensures keeping alive the core sentiments of the Tata Group that the money received from the investors should go back to them with returns a number of times over.

Flexible Products
Tata mutual fund offers an exhaustive range of the investment products across manifold asset classes.  With various risk parameters taken into consideration for different customer segments, Tata Mutual fund provides their investors with operational flexibility to go well with their diverse investment needs.

Customer Constancy
The commitment of Tata Group translates into the uppermost service quality and intense focus on reliability is the key aspect of business operation which has ensured the trust of investors for such as long time.

Impeccable Services Quality
Tata Mutual funds comes with an diverse bouquet of products and services keeping in mind the seamless and hassle free service which ever customer aspires to have . Every aspect that revolves in the investment of money by common investors is made a rich and overwhelming investing experience.

Various Plans offered by Tata Mutual funds

1. Solution-based fund – The product is designed to generate long-term steady capital appreciation along with sustainable growth to its investors additionally with the theme of capital preservation. The fund invests up to 30% in equity portfolio and is best suited for those who wish to create an additional corpus for various stages in life, such as child education or retirement. A few of the funds offered are:

  • Tata Retirement Solution
  • Tata Child Savings Plan

2. Tata Hybrid funds – They are generally close-ended schemes with debt nature and the objective to generate regular income and capital appreciation through investment mainly fixed income portfolios. The plans are designed so that they achieve their investment targets by maturity on or before the date of the maturity of the plan scheme. A comparatively smaller chunk is invested in equity/equity-related instruments including derivative instruments. Tata hybrid funds majorly revolve around equity derivatives, wherein the derivative contract does have an expiry before the maturity of the plan. one such Hybrid fund offered by Tata mutual fund is

  • Tata Equity Oriented Mutual fund

3. Tata Equity mutual funds – Tata equity mutual funds aim to provide a regular source of income distribution with medium to long term capital gains along with strong emphasis on capital appreciation. The investment is generally of aggressive category with maximum concentration on equity products. The plan doesn’t have any guarantee or assurance for the achievement of investment objective. The scheme does not assure or guarantee any returns. Products offered by Tata under this category include:

  • Tata Large Cap funds
  • Tata Diversified funds
  • Tata Mid Cap funds
  • Tata Sectoral funds

4. Debt funds – Tata debt funds primarily invest in various Debt securities with maturities as per the tenure of the Scheme. Tata debt funds are ideal for those investors who are looking to invest their money for a fixed tenure with comparatively lower interest rate risk. The investment primarily focuses on creating a liquid portfolio of money market instruments and provides reasonable returns to the investors clubbed with high liquidity to the investors. Few of the funds in this category are

  • Tata Liquid Funds
  • Tata Short term Funds
  • Tata Income funds
  • Tata Dynamic Funds
  • Tata Gilt Funds


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