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SBI Mutual Fund – A Trusted Brand for Investment

Having a lineage as strong and proficient as SBI (State Bank of India), SBI Mutual Fund is a very trusted brand in India. With an experience of about 28 years, SBImf online is serving the best of schemes to maximize customer satisfaction. SBImf is a joint venture of SBI (State Bank of India) and AMUNDI (France), one of the top most financial management companies. SBI mutual fund owns 222 branches all over the country, dedicated to the service of a vast range of clientele base.

Profoundly believing the fact that “Excellence has no substitutes”, SBI Mutual Fund sip investment plans are planning, practicing and implementing their strategies in such a way that, excellence in innovation is achieved at all levels. At online SBIMF it is highly believed that innovation is the only way through which you can attain success and also maximum client satisfaction. This zeal of working will always help the client to achieve maximum profit out of their money invested through online sbi mutual fund systematic investment plan.

SBIMF online thrives on be the most widely accepted brand for each and every class of asset management. The mission of sbi mutual fund investment is to provide consistent results throughout the process of growth. SBI mutual fund Online has always been fair and honest in its dealings with the clients and has provided full transparency.

Best SBI Mutual Fund Investment Plans

SBI Mutual Fund is among the best-performing AMCs in India due to various factors which involve top SBI SIP investment plans and goal-based investing schemes. The family solutions of SBIMF online are complimentary in terms of providing the best investing in mutual funds to let the investors gain substantial income. There are various investment options available to the investors for buying the best SBI mutual fund scheme for their portfolio as per their requirements. The schemes offered by sbimf online to the investors are being broadly categorised into the following divisions along with top SBI schemes to invest :

  1. SBI Debt Plans:- These include best SBI MF sip plans which aim to provide financial stability to the investors by investing in the portfolio consisting debt instruments. The sbimf online schemes falling in this category provide fixed income in the form of interest and help the investors in gaining superior income on a regular basis.
      • SBI Short Term Debt Fund (G)
      • SBI Savings Fund (G)
      • SBI Dynamic Bond Fund (G)
      • SBI Magnum Income Fund (G)
  2. SBI Equity Funds:- There are various equity investment plans from SBI Mutual Fund which are aimed at offering capital appreciation opportunities to the investors. The sbi schemes falling in this category have investments in equity and equity-related securities of companies across various sectors and market-caps. You can also make investment in large cap mutual funds under this category.
      • SBI Blue Chip Fund
      • SBI Contra Fund
      • SBI Emerging Businesses Fund
      • SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund
      • SBI Magnum Balanced Fund (G)
  3. Liquid Funds:- SBImf online also provides liquid fund plans in order to help the investors in gaining superior returns on the savings in a very short span of time. Mutual funds of Sbi Schemes falling in this category provide quick redemption to fulfil the instant cash requirements.
      • SBI Magnum InstaCash Fund (G)
      • SBI Premier Liquid Fund (G)
      • SBI Magnum Insta Cash Fund Liquid Floater (G)
  4. Fixed Maturity Plans:- There are certain SBI plans falling under the FMPs which aim to provide a fixed amount of income to the investors on a regular basis. These sbi investment plans offered have investments in such investment avenues which offer fixed income and have a prefixed maturity for redemption.
      • SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Plan
  5. Fund of Funds:- Under this, the investments are made in other online mutual funds of sbi sip investment schemes to provide wide diversification to the capital being invested and earn higher profits with minimised risk factors.
      • SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (G)
  6. Exchange Traded Funds:- There are certain online sbi systematic investment plans which fall under the ETF category. The sbi sip schemes are traded on the stock exchange, and the values for the same are dependent on the current market conditions. The ETFs provide better investment opportunities to the investors who want to trade on stock exchanges and gain extraordinary profits.
  7. SBI Hybrid Schemes:- This includes sbi mutual fund online investment schemes which endeavour to provide the dual benefits of capital appreciation and fixed income. The online sbi schemes falling in this category are highly productive in nature and have investments in equity as well as debt on a simultaneous basis. With this, the investors avail the opportunity to make greater profits.


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