Mutual Funds are a Relatively Safe Invest

Invest in AXIS Mutual Funds

Invest in Mutual Funds

  • Invest in Mutual Funds and manage your investments online
  • Anytime Anywhere access with ‘Axis Internet Banking’ & ‘Axis Mobile’ app
  • Mutual Fund transactions types viz. Purchase, Additional Purchase, Systematic Investment Plan(SIP), Switch and Redemption available on single platform
  • Online transactions provide enriching customer experience and helps plan investment instantaneously based on market conditions
  • To register* for seamless online experience , click for Online MF Registration and complete the one time registration process

  • Reduces investment risk : Diversification among a number of investments helps reduce the risk.
  • Diverse benefits at low cost : Mutual Funds offer you a chance to invest in a diversified, professionally managed basket of securities at a low cost.
  • Professionally managed : Investment decisions by Fund Managers are backed by research to generate higher returns.
  • Ease of liquidity with open-ended schemes : Hassle-free liquidation of mutual fund investments
  • Benefit of flexibility and transparency : Investment options available as per investment objective. Information on schemes available through fact sheets and promotional materials. All Mutual Fund activities in India are well regulated by SEBI.
  • Tax efficient investment : Returns over one year from schemes with equity exposure of 65% or more are subject to income-tax at the rate of 10% (without indexation benefit) plus applicable surcharge and 4% cess on the long-term capital gains exceeding Rs. 1 lakh, provided transfer of such units is subject to STT.
  • The dividends received from equity schemes are completely tax-free for unit holders. Short-term capital gains tax @ 15% is payable on the net short-term gains.In Debt Funds, if investment is held for more than three years, the capital gain is treated as Long Term Capital Gain or LTCG. Investor is entitled to the benefit of indexation on LTCG and the capital gains post-indexation is taxed @20% plus applicable surcharge and 4% cess while short term capital gains in debt mutual funds is taxed as per individual’s income tax slab. The dividends received from debt mutual funds are tax-free for unit holders.