Benefits of a Savings Account

Products Offered by L&T Mutual Funds

Products Offered by L&T Mutual Funds

  1. L & T Equity Funds

    • The funds are designed to generate long-term capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio consisting of primarily equity and equity related securities.
    • This includes equity derivatives in domestic markets with a main focus on emerging companies such as in small cap stocks.
    • There is no assurance that the objective of the scheme will be realized and the scheme does not assure or guarantee any returns.
    • The scheme could also additionally invest in Foreign Securities.
  2. L & T Fixed Income Funds

    • L&T fixed income funds are designed to provide constant returns with comparatively lower risk and high liquidity.
    • The investment is primarily in high quality debt and money market instruments.
    • The funds have an objective to deliver reasonable returns with lower volatility and higher liquidity through a portfolio of debt and money market instruments.
  3. L & T Hybrid Funds

    • L & T hybrid funds are designed to create long-term capital appreciation by investing mainly in equity and equity-related securities
    • Additional reasonable returns are also generated through a portfolio of debt and money market instruments.
    • The fund will predominantly invest in equity with a relatively smaller exposure in debt instruments.
    • This provides investors with the dual benefit of high returns potential of equities and the safety associated with various debt products.
  4. Fixed Maturity Plans

    • L & T fixed Maturity Plan is suitable for investors seeking capital growth through blended investments in debt and fixed income securities which includes various money market instruments.
  5. L & T LESS / TAX Saving Funds

    • L&T AMC’s Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) are equity mutual funds that have a lock-in period of 3 years.
    • A perfect scheme for investors who wants to chalk out their tax plan well in advance
    • The scheme qualifies for deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, which allows deduction of up to Rs. 150,000 under Section 80C.
    • The L&T ELSS scheme aims to provide both tax saving benefits as well as a relatively higher growth potential.
    • It has a minimum of 80% exposure in equity and maximum 20% exposure in debt, money market instruments or cash.
    • As compared to other investment avenues, ELSS provides the lowest lock-in period and relatively higher potential for returns due to its linkage to the equity markets.
    • Investment in ELSS could provide capital growth over the long term since they invest in the equity market.
    • Moreover, L&T ELSS funds have a short lock-in period of 3 years whereas the maturity period of NSC is 6 years and Public Provident Fund is 15 years.
    • Since it is an equity linked scheme, its earning potential is very high and the investor can opt for the dividend option and get some gains during the lock-in period.
    • Equities over a longer time frame have the potential to outperform traditional instruments like NSC and PPF.