Features of Children's Savings Accounts

Which is the Best Future Investment Plan for a Girl Child?

Which is the Best Future Investment Plan for a Girl Child?

I slightly differ from others here as most most of them ignored the fact that the solution adviced is for a ‘girl’ child….


  1. Jewellery Saving Scheme:- Most of the jewellers have this. It is an instalment scheme where you pay for a stipulated period (say 11months) and buy jewel from the same jeweller. Benefit- You may save upto 20% on wastage & making charges
  2. Gold Fund:- Mutual funds / ETFs have electronic form of gold and one can choose to invest here in lumpsum & instalment

I personally chose Point 1. I have a target for my girl child. Say if its 100 sovereigns for her marriage after 15years, then I know required rate of sovereign accumulation. And also till the time of her marriage, my wife can wear those and have happy moments \U0001f60a


Nothing could beat this. Pick up two diversified equity funds and stay invested through SIP route.

“Exit 25% from here every year in the last 4years”.This will help incase if there is a situation like recession and stock market crashes.

Suganya Samriddhi

Most of them here highlighted about the higher fixed rate of interest and tax savings upto 1.5L u/s 80c.

The beauty also is “All interest / maturity amount is also tax free”. This benefit is not available in any of the fixed income instrument except PPF.


I chose to invest 50% of my girl child saving budget in gold and rest 50% in equity.

If you are a layman investor, just chose 33% in each of the above. If you sufficient gold, you can chose to ignore gold participation completely.