A Traditional Defined Benefit Plan

The Unique Features of L&T Mutual Fund Schemes

  • L&T Mutual Fund’s investment philosophy is centered on delivering consistent and superior long-term investment performance. Fundamental analysis is the core: stock selection is based on in-depth research and fixed income investing combines macro-economic factors and issuer selection based on credit analysis.
  • The main emphasis of L&T Mutual Fund is on delivering superior long-term risk-adjusted performance.
  • A rigorous and disciplined approach is followed towards investment and risk management.
  • Analysts and fund managers actively identify new ideas by industry experts and regulators based on external research and reports.  For equity investing, the search range includes investment team meetings, a company’s management committee, competitors approach, suppliers.
  • And for fixed income funds, investment ideas are conceptualized on the basis of team strategy meetings, in-depth interaction. Macro analysis and internal as well as external research ideas.
  • The pre investment evaluation of companies is done based on various parameters such as liquidity, market capitalization, ownership and other parameters.
  • Manufacturing or Monitoring of portfolios is conducted only after all the ideas are generated and evaluated. After this, the fund manager picks only those funds that have the most potential.

Products Offered by L&T Mutual Funds

  • L&T Finance Holdings Limited is the major Sponsor of the L&T Investment Management company which caters to the financial needs of its numerous customers across India. L&T Finance Holdings Limited was formed by Larsen & Toubro Limited (“L&T”) in the year 2008, with the strategic commitment of holding all the investments of the L&T Group in its financial services businesses.
  • The group is registered as a non-banking financial institution that cannot accept public deposits.
  • L&T Finance Holdings Limited offers various products across multiple segments such as infrastructure finance, term corporate loans, channel finance, construction equipment and financing commercial vehicles, portfolio management services, distribution of insurance and mutual fund products.
  • The products offered by L &T Mutual Fund are historically known for delivering steady and superior long-term investment returns.
  • The core of each product is the Fundamental Analysis and Stock Selection. The fixed income products combine macro-economic factors and the issuer selection is done on the basis of careful credit analysis.
  • The bouquet of mutual fund products come with a well-differentiated range of investment options which include 14 equity funds, 13 fixed income funds, 2 hybrid funds, a fund-of-funds and a regular opportunity fund option.

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