Excellent Child Investment Plan of Sukanya Samriddhi Account

Why Invest in ICICI Mutual Fund online?

Investing in the online ICICI prudential mutual fund schemes has become the easiest task for the investors. MySIPonline provides a completely paperless way of investing in mutual funds online in a hassle-free manner with a free for life investment account. One can invest online by availing our services.

The reasons due to which one must invest in the schemes of ICICI MF are:

  1. The majority of the products of ICICI pru amc are AAA rated by CRISIL.
  2. The ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund SIPs are the perfect solution for the investors who want to put a small amount of money at a time.
  3. The wide variety of icici mutual fund schemes available for investment provides the investors with broader choices as per their investing goals.

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund NAV Performance in India

The schemes of ICICI Prudential MF have been performing immensely in the mutual fund industry and offering great returns for a long time. The majority of the schemes of ICICI Mutual Funds house are rated five-star by CRISIL. The various investment plans which are divided into large-cap, small- and mid-cap and, diversified equity and other equity plans have generated exceptional profits to help investors gain capital growth over time.

With the portfolio management services which are offered by the expert fund managers of the ICICI AMC are among the best in the industry due to which their market holdings in terms of asset size is the largest. The investors avail the services to let their money earn high growth over a period of time by investing in the ICICI Mutual Fund via SIPs or lump sum plans.

Is It Safe Investing in ICICI Prudential AMC?

All the mutual funds in India are governed by the norms and guidelines issued by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). Best ICICI prudential Mutual Fund NAV is regulated by the Indian statutes, being registered under the Companies Act. The ICICI MF thoroughly follows the guidelines of SEBI and AMFI issued from time to time, and thus icici mutual fund online provides high security to the invested capital of the investors.

Hence, it can be concluded here that for making a worthwhile investment in the mutual funds in India, ICICI prudential Mutual Fund NAV is one of the best alternatives. ICICI Pru MF provides different products falling in variegated categories which are noteworthy for the investors in order to choose the best one as per their goals.

My SIP online provides the ease of investing in the best schemes and SIP of ICICI Mutual Funds in order to cater to the investing requirements. The online investing services offered at our platform along with effective tools including SIP calculator would help you in making your investment in ICICI pru amc simplified.


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