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Why invest in TATA Mutual Funds?

Backed by TATA Group, TATA Mutual Fund has won the trust of lakhs of investors and established itself as one of the most trusted mutual fund houses in the country through its consistent performance and world-class service. The fund house offers investment options for all kinds of individuals – be it a businessman, a salaried professional, a retired person, a homemaker, an aggressive investor or a conservative capital builder.

Types of Funds offered by TATA Mutual Fund

The products offered by TATA Mutual Fund can be categorized into:

  • Solution Based
  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Hybrid
  • Close Ended

Features of TATA Mutual Funds

Following are some of the key features of TATA Mutual Funds:

  • Flexibility: Investors can choose from a wide range of investment options across various asset classes. They can be availed for varying amounts and for as short or as long as the investor so requires.
  • Stability: TATA Mutual Fund is a well-established fund house that offers stability and returns over a period of time. It is committed to providing its customers with premium quality service.
  • Consistency: By following its value-based investment strategy, the fund house has been able to generate consistent returns.
  • Leadership and Trust: TATA’s adherence to ethical values has positioned it as a trusted leader in the market.
  • Services: The fund house provides a broad range of services to suit different customer requirements. It offers the highest quality of service with complete focus on the product offering, which is in line with the requirements and risk appetite of each investor.

 Which TATA mutual fund scheme should I invest in?

The choice of scheme to invest in will depend on the investor’s needs and risk appetite. Equities are a good option for investors willing to take high risk, while debt funds are a favourable option for individuals who are risk-averse. Investors who prefer to invest in a combination of equity and debt can go for hybrid funds. The fund house also offers solution-based plans like child savings plan and retirement solution, to meet specific client requirement.


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